Value Added Development of Canada’s Resources


Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (British Columbia)

WHEREAS Canada is blessed with an abundance of natural resources that have been and will continue to be an important component of Canada’s prosperity;

WHEREAS value-added processing is, where practical, preferred over shipment of raw product promoted by the Harper government;

WHEREAS accelerated capital cost allowance (ACCA) is deferment of tax rather than a general rate reduction;

WHEREAS ACCA has been the most cost-effective means for government to promote value addition to Canada’s resources and to promote investment in manufacturing;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada recommends that the Government of Canada introduce a form of accelerated capital cost allowance for investment in resource upgrading and manufacturing;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this be a permanent feature of corporate income tax to provide certainty for the planning of large investments in manufacturing and resource processing.