Transition to a Global Zero-Emission Vehicle Fleet

Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Québec)

WHEREAS governments around the world are implementing policies to promote electric vehicles to reduce oil consumption, climate-related emissions, and local air pollution and to stake out an industrial leadership position in the new advanced technology;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada invite the Government of Canada to take the necessary steps, in conjunction with the regional development agencies, provincial governments and private sector partners to prepare during year 2016 an electric vehicle (EV) development plan which will include:

  • by year 2020, 500 000 new electric vehicle sales;
  • incentives up to 2020 or later of up to $15 000, to defray incremental up front cost for EV acquisition and at-home fast charging station;
  • extensive deployment of public and private fast charging networks;
  • effective benefits to electric vehicle users such as preferential road lanes, preferential parking spaces, free parking spaces equipped with fast charging capacity, etc;
  • the deployment of an industrial sector of the electric vehicle mainly Canadian ownership;
  • the conclusion of a strategic agreement with a company in the electric vehicle industry whose performance is recognized worldwide;
  • the distribution between the various industrial areas of Canada, of the production of batteries, charging stations, vehicle assembly, lithium oxide production and graphite powders;
  • enacting legislation securing Canada's strategic reserves of rare metals such as lithium and graphite.