Small Business Creation for Female Entrepreneurs in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Rural Areas

Moved by National Women’s Liberal Commission

WHEREAS self-employment among Aboriginal women is just over half that of Aboriginal men (37% and 63% respectively);

WHEREAS a minimum of post-secondary education and full-time employment create self-reliance and help to reduce poverty and economic dependency;

WHEREAS the Aboriginal Business Development Program Survey reports only 31% of funding available through Aboriginal Business Canada (managed by INA Canada) was extended to Aboriginal women business owners;

WHEREAS the Mandate Letter of the Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs requires the promotion of “economic development and job creation for Indigenous Peoples”;

WHEREAS an environment can be created for women entrepreneurs to learn from one another and their male peers to develop sustainable businesses and build mentorship partnerships;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada ask the Government of Canada to create a competitive Women’s Small Business Opportunities Fund that will (i) focus on providing seed money to Indigenous women entrepreneurs for small business proposals that incorporate professional business plans and each project full-time, sustainable employment for a minimum of five employees, and (ii) where the committee of judges will include local Economic Development Corporations and representatives from bands currently demonstrating economic development success.