Ship Source Oil Pollution Fund (SOPF)

Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Newfoundland and Labrador)

WHEREAS the SOPF provides the primary means of compensation for oil spill clean-up and remediation in Canadian waters;

WHEREAS it is the owner’s responsibility for clean-up of ship sources oil pollution;

WHEREAS the SOPF provides clean-up funds in situations where the owners is unable to pay or appropriate insurance runs out;

WHEREAS the SOPF is currently enriched with funds in excess of $405 million (2014 Year End Financial Report);

WHEREAS the SOPF has statutory limitation of 5 years to give effect to a claim for compensation or clean-up of oil pollution;

WHEREAS the majority of historical ship wrecks exceed the 5-year limitation entrenched in the act and regulations governing the SOPF;

WHEREAS the SOPF is governed by the Marine Liabilities Act, Statutes of Canada 2009, Chapter 21;

BE IT RESOLVED the Liberal Government of Canada amend the appropriate sections of the Marine Liabilities Act to provide for enabling legislation that gives effect to the SOPF impacted by ship wrecks polluting or at risk of polluting in Canadian Waters, regardless of time lines and without any statute of time limitation on claims.