Reaffirming Women’s Right to Reproductive Health Services

Moved by National Women’s Liberal Commission

WHEREAS the LPC in 2012 overwhelmingly supported Resolution #58, Reaffirming Women’s Right to Reproductive Health Services;

WHEREAS access to reproductive health services is uneven across Canada, notably in northern, rural, and Atlantic Canada, despite some welcome changes;

WHEREAS New Brunswick remains out of step because it offers limited hospital service and does not pay for services provided in the province’s one clinic;

WHEREAS all provincial governments in Atlantic Canada are Liberal, as are all MP’s in the region;

WHEREAS Prime Minister Justin Trudeau affirms that “A woman’s right to choose is fundamental in Canada; and

WHEREAS the Mandate Letters of the Ministers of Health, Justice, and the Status of Women do not specifically address reproductive health services;

BE IT RESOLVED that the LPC urge the Government of Canada to enforce the provisions of the Canada Health Act and to work with provincial and territorial governments to ensure (i) that women across the country have fair and timely access to reproductive health services, including surgical and medical abortions, irrespective of their place of residence, with reciprocal billing for out-of-province services, and (ii) that those who must travel outside their home communities for these services are reimbursed for transportation, accommodation, and childcare costs; and, sanction any province that fails to abide by the provisions of the Canada Health Act with respect to (i) ensuring fair access to abortion services, and (ii) covering costs related to their provision, whether in medical offices, clinics, or hospitals.