Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Québec)

WHEREAS many Canadians cannot afford the drugs they need to maintain their health;

WHEREAS health outcomes are diminished when Canadians cannot afford to buy the pharmaceutical products they need;

WHEREAS Canada is the only industrialized country with a universal health plan, but no PharmaCare plan; (C. D. Howe Institute, 2013)

WHEREAS Canada has the second highest per capita spending on prescription drugs among members of OECD; (OECD, 2013)

WHEREAS Canadian taxpayers can potentially save up to $11.4 billion/year if their prescription drugs get procured through a Pharmacare plan; (Canadian Federation of Nurses Union, 2014)

WHEREAS currently the drug procurement across the country is managed through 46 different federal, provincial and territorial programs, each with its own administration, bureaucracy and price regime;

WHEREAS it is conceivable that the Federal Government agree with a cost-sharing program, if provinces commit to honour the broad guidelines of a national PharmaCare plan.

BE IT RESOLVED that The Liberal Party of Canada officially adopt the support for a national-universal PharmaCare program as one of its policy priorities;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that The Liberal Party of Canada urge the government of Canada to seize this unique opportunity for serving the public and all levels of government to:

  • reconvene the first ministers and the health ministers conferences that had this item on their agendas before getting unilaterally aborted by Mr. Harper in 2006;
  • capitalize on its leadership and widespread national support to have a national PharmaCare plan in place within its first mandate.