Measure to Improve the Situation of Indigenous People in Canada

Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Québec)

WHEREAS it is the responsibility of every Canadian to work towards reconciliation;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada invite the Government of Canada to:

  • push for equitable funding for improving the welfare of Indigenous children in Canada;
  • that the government look towards working with local care providers when delivering health and welfare services to Indigenous peoples;
  • that the welfare services seek to give special consideration to:
    • prioritizing the removal of parents rather than children from living arrangements;
    • placing Indigenous children with other Indigenous households;
    • place families in foster care together, rather than separate siblings;
    • maintaining contact with the communities of foster children;
    • implementing and utilizing culturally appropriate and sensitive measures when parenting in foster homes;
  • champion efforts to repeal the "spanking law" (Criminal Code of Canada, section 43);
  • that the “Jordan’s Principle” be implemented;
  • that any discussion regarding constitutional amendments include Indigenous voices from across the country, and from a variety of nations, not merely as suggestion but as official policy;
  • that the federal government work with the Premiers to implement a national strategy to increase Indigenous content and presence in grade school curriculums;
  • that all Liberal Party Member of Parliaments, candidates and nominees for candidacy receive training and consultation with the APC regarding Indigenous policy, history, and culture before receiving the official party "Green Light".