Long-Term Care Policy

Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Saskatchewan)

WHEREAS insufficient capacity in long-term care has been identified as a current problem and looming crisis in Canada given Canada’s aging population;

WHEREAS there is no mention of long-term care in the Canada Health Act, the principles of public administration, comprehensiveness, universality, portability and accessibility are not necessarily adhered to;

WHEREAS all Canadians regardless of age, income, ethnicity or religion deserve dignity, respect, adequate care and support during this vulnerable stage of life;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Canada Health Act be amended to include long-term care;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a national strategy for long-term care be legislated, including but not limited to national standards for staffing and training, monitoring and evaluation;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that urgent infrastructure funding be made available as a priority and on an on-going basis to increase capacity in long-term care, including the building of new, and the renovating and retrofitting of existing facilities;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that quality of life parameters be developed for long-term care patients and that these would include: support through an assigned advocate should reliable personal support not exist and the provision of basic human needs beyond food and shelter.