Infrastructure Spending Long Term Planning and Co-ordination


Moved by Liberal Party of Prince Edward Island

Priority Resolution

WHEREAS the Federal government has designated $11.9 billion over the next two years and $125 billion over the next ten years for new and renewed infrastructure;

WHEREAS the Provincial Governments of Ontario and Quebec have recognized the importance of engaging in long term strategic planning for infrastructure and have passed legislation to facilitate such embedded scheduling;

WHEREAS the Province of Ontario has included in its Jobs and Prosperity Act “Community Benefit Agreements” which will require contractors on large scale projects to develop recruitment initiatives for local construction and trade workers including veterans, aboriginals, women, youth and newcomers to Canada;

WHEREAS Province of Ontario in passing Bill 91 has budgeted for $130 billion over 10 years including $31.5 billion for roads, bridges and transit as well as emergency and priority infrastructure;

WHEREAS the Province of Quebec has committed to $88.4 billion for infrastructure projects between 2015 and 2025 under the Quebec Infrastructure Plan;

WHEREAS the Province of Quebec has mandated Annual Management Plans for Public Infrastructure Investments;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Federal Liberal government show leadership in encouraging all provinces and territories to legislate long term plans for scheduling infrastructure projects in a coordinated fashion with the Federal budgeting process so that long term infrastructure needs in all provinces and territories can be met and planning for, with regard to cost sharing purposes.