Improving the Health of the Lake Winnipeg Watershed

Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Manitoba)

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada:

Foster co-operative remedial action among the provinces in the Lake Winnipeg watershed (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Ontario) and the relevant US jurisdictions and authorities. This action should be focused on the reduction of nutrient loading and run-offs. This action will result in the remediation of the lake by 2024 as described in Biennial Convention Policy 2012.

Make the necessary changes to legislation: the Canada Water Act, International Boundary Waters Treaty and the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (1999).


  • the Lake Winnipeg watershed has a population of 6 million people;
  • Lake Winnipeg drains a sub-basin which includes portions of four Canadian provinces and four US states and stretches from the Rocky Mountains to Lake Superior and south to South Dakota making it an inter provincial/international concern;
  • the watershed covers most of the agricultural land on the Canadian prairies and a large component of agricultural land in the US;
  • Extensive research has identified that nutrient loading is responsible for the growth of blue-green algae. The resulting toxins reduce healthy algae and lower dissolved oxygen levels. Half of the nutrient load arises from outside the Manitoba borders.