Health Care Strategy

Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Manitoba)

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada:

Resume its efforts to re-establish the federal leadership role in strategic areas of concern, including:

Review of the appropriate roles and authorities of the Public Health Agency of Canada that would permit the Agency to take decisive and effective action to protect and promote the health of Canadians, in areas including but not limited to reportable diseases, immunization strategies, adherence to internally accepted standards of information sharing and collaboration.

Hasten the development of a national electronic health record based on national standards and compatibility, one which addresses the broad spectrum of health services of importance to patient care and population health service planning.


Canadians are best served by requiring federal leadership roles that increase efficiency, coordinate innovation and guaranteed equity of services and standards across the provinces.

Canadians can only by adequately served through the development of robust health approaches, orchestrated and effective national public health strategies and measures, and redoubled efforts to innovate and advance health care practices in Canada.