Fisheries and Aquaculture Sustainability Plan

Moved by Liberal Party of Prince Edward Island

WHEREAS the Liberal Party of Canada has committed to investing in creating Cleaner and sustainable jobs in all of Canada’s natural resource sectors including fisheries and aquaculture;

WHEREAS the Liberal Party of Canada has committed to addressing climate change and its impact on Canada’s environment;

WHEREAS 80,000 Canadians make their living directly from fishing and fishing related activities;

WHEREAS Canada exported $4.9 billion in seafood as of 2014 with lobster remaining the top species in terms of value with 2014 exports of $1.52 billion and keeping in mind that we export more than 80% of our caught fish and seafood;

WHEREAS according to a University of British Columbia study released in January, 2016 the world’s fishing industries have taken a 50 per cent larger catch from the ocean ecosystem than previous numbers suggest;

WHEREAS the European Union recently invested in a research project coordinated by Norway’s Arctic University to identify and address challenges and opportunities for fisheries and aquaculture management plans to exploit new opportunities, and implement measures to reduce negative measures to reduce the negative effects of climate change;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada commit to establish research centre(s) of excellence focused on climate change in relation to fisheries, reversing fish species collapses and evaluating the the sustainability of aquaculture and additionally recommit the $40 million that the previous government cut from the federal ocean science and monitoring programs.