First Nations “Partnerships”

Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Yukon)

WHEREAS First Nations have faced serious impacts on their quality of life and ability to determine their own futures as a consequence of European in-migration to the territory and social impacts from programs such as residential schools;

WHEREAS many First Nations have reached governance parity with the territorial government thanks to the Final Agreements and Self-Government Agreements;

WHEREAS there remains a culture of intergovernmental relations that still does not respect what First Nations have achieved and the spirit and intent of the Treaties and Self-Governing Agreements;

WHEREAS "consultation" has been defined from a "western" perspective, not from the FN world view;

WHEREAS implementation processes has been particularly problematic and lack of resources ($s and expertise) have impaired First Nations in achieving their Self-Government goals.

BE IT RESOLVED that Canada will implement a true "government to government" relationship through dialogue with First Nations and the community by leading a renewed national dialogue with all provinces and territories on this critical national partnership.