Energy Transition Training

Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Alberta)

WHEREAS Canada has committed to help keep global warming “well below” two degrees Celsius at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference;

WHEREAS this goal has led the Government of Canada to take a leadership role with provinces and territories to put a price on carbon and reduce carbon emissions;

WHEREAS the petroleum industry is a significant contributor to carbon emissions and petroleum products are non-renewable resources;

WHEREAS Provincial and Territorial Action to reduce carbon emissions may result in a transition to an alternative energy based economy;

WHEREAS the petroleum industry is a significant employer in certain regions of Canada;

WHEREAS many of the workers in these industries are highly skilled and with retraining could be a great asset to a nascent alternative energy economy;

BE IT RESOLVED that if an energy transition leads to job losses then the Liberal Government will commit to introduce grants for retraining programs for those affected;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that these training programs utilize the capacity of local universities and colleges, and that this training will be provided, if possible, where the workers currently reside in an attempt to foster stability in their communities.