Economic Infrastructure for Rural Communities

Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Alberta)

WHEREAS lack of access to basic economic infrastructure such as identification cards, high-speed internet services and banking services is a barrier to an individual’s full participation in the modern Canadian economy;

WHEREAS remote rural communities and remote indigenous populations are more likely to have difficulty accessing such services because of lack of proximity to necessary infrastructure provided by banks and government offices with the power to issue identification cards;

WHEREAS Canada Post currently has infrastructure in place to serve rural and remote communities throughout Canada;

BE IT RESOLVED that the federal government instruct Canada Post to partner with financial institutions, provincial governments and telecommunication providers to become a single point of contact in remote communities to provide identification cards, banking services and other necessary economic infrastructure in communities who would otherwise not have access to such services;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Canada Post commit to providing banking and identification services and high-speed internet through any postal outlet where no such services are publicly offered within a maximum 50 km radius and to maintain a level of service quality consistent with the responsibility for conducting financial services transactions and the handling of sensitive documents.