Development of the Ring of Fire (RoF)

Moved by Aboriginal Peoples' Commission of Canada

WHEREAS the RoF is a vast area of traditional lands and treaty territories of First Nations in Northern Ontario;

WHEREAS the RoF is rich in deposits of chromites, nickel and precious metals;

WHEREAS mining companies are committed to working in partnership with First Nations to pursue responsible, sustainable exploration and development;

WHEREAS the Federal and Provincial governments have responsibilities in ensuring equitable wealth distribution, protecting the environment and defending indigenous and treaty rights;

WHEREAS the RoF provides opportunities for value added industrial and manufacturing development throughout Ontario and across Canada;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Federal Liberal Party acknowledges First Nations traditional land uses as an opportunity for them to share in the exploration, planning, development and ownership of RoF projects;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that successful development of the RoF requires cooperative leadership by a federal team working with First Nations, provincial government and mining industry;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that social license requires environmental studies, assessments and planning on a broad regional basis, in consultation with and in support of First Nations, including downstream communities;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that provincial and federal infrastructure funds are required for transportation, communication and sustainable energy, to be delivered in planned development phases;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that funds and support towards education, housing, health services, potable water and social programs will prepare the skilled, secure workforce required for development of the RoF, tourism and other industries.