Developing a Coherent Arctic Strategy

Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Manitoba)

WHEREAS climate change is affecting all aspects of life in the Arctic, with profound implications for the environment, including all human, plant, and animal life in the region;

WHEREAS the effect of climate change means that the impact of any damage can be more severe than elsewhere in Canada because of the fragility of the Arctic ecosystem;

WHEREAS the North is a significant contributor to the future of Canada both nationally and on the international stage;

WHEREAS the receding sea ice provides the opportunity for increased international use of waterways of the Northwest Passage;

WHEREAS there are unique engineering challenges in the north due to climate change, permafrost and cold conditions;

WHEREAS investments in infrastructure and the establishment of new technologies are critical to the advancement of northern communities and economies;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada through government to government relationships and in consultation with Aboriginal Peoples Communities, develop a coherent Arctic Strategy that will assist territorial and northern municipal and First Nations governments in the development of appropriate infrastructures through significant financial contributions in the following areas: housing, fibre optic cable, road and airport development and upgrades, and energy infrastructure while recognizing and protecting its unique environment; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada as government maintain its sovereign capabilities to respond in terms of regulation, search and rescue, security and environmental clean-up in the North.

An Analysis of Aboriginal Clean Energy Projects & Ventures Across Canada: Identifying Potential Clean Energy ‘Clusters’ for Consideration by the Strategic Partnerships Initiative [SPI], Lumos Energy, March 2010