Constructing a Bridge on the eastside of NCR

Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Québec)

Priority Resolution

WHEREAS the necessity of an interprovincial link on the Eastside of the National Capital Region is recognized since 1950;

WHEREAS the most recent Interprovincial Bridge Crossing Study1 financially supported by the Federal, Ontario, and Quebec government, in conjunction with the city of Ottawa and Gatineau, has identified the urgent need of a new interprovincial link;

WHEREAS if a new bridge is not constructed, the number of heavy vehicles that crossing the city of Ottawa and the traffic on the Highway 50 will continue to increase, with negative impact on the regional economy and the well-being of its population;

WHEREAS it is possible to establish measures that will reduce the concerns of the residents regarding the noise and the security around the new bridge proposed;

WHEREAS the propositions of the report are based on a rigorous process that includes public hearings;

BE IT RESOLVED that the construction of a bridge on the eastside of the National Capital Region be prioritized and that the amount of money necessary for its construction are allocated by the Government in order to develop a final plan for the construction with the collaboration of the provincial and municipal governments.

1(Roche-NCE, « Background », Évaluation environnementale des liaisons interprovinciales, 2009-2013)