Climate Change

Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Nova Scotia)


  • Canada has committed to a long-term goal of keeping the increase in global average temperature to well below 2°C (Paris 2015);
  • a price on carbon is a known effective tool to facilitate the transition away from burning fossil fuels;
  • Canada’s previous government cut funding for climate research and monitoring;
  • the IMF has called on all countries to eliminate subsidies to the oil and gas sector;
  • development of green energy technology will lead to the creation of permanent, full time jobs for Canadians, lower GHG emissions, and develop greater local economic prosperity for Canada.

We ask the federal Liberal government to:

  1. continue a strong leadership role with the provinces in taking action to mitigate, adapt to, and manage risks of climate change;
  2. create national standards for carbon pricing within which provinces and territories can establish a price on carbon in the best way for their regions;
  3. phase out all subsidies to the oil and gas sector over the next five years;
  4. promote renewable energy technologies and initiatives, invest in green energy infrastructure, and fund research and development in this sector;
  5. reinstate our scientists and restore funding for climate research and environmental monitoring;
  6. reinstate the Canada’s National Science Advisor and Advisory Board;
  7. communicate with the public to educate about climate change and the steps needed for transitioning to renewable energy.