Adjacency Principle


Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Newfoundland and Labrador)

Priority Resolution

WHEREAS coastal communities in Canadian provinces and territories have an intrinsic social and economic link to adjacent resources;

WHEREAS historic attachment and dependence on resources in Canadian coastal communities have welded a cultural mosaic into the fabric of the people who live there;

WHEREAS options required for economic survival and sustainability of coast communities in Canada are primarily limited to adjacent resources;

WHEREAS fish management policies of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans have ignored the traditional principle of adjacency and have created a disproportion allocation of fishery resources in adjacent coastal areas to non-residents, large offshore fishing fleets and foreign interests;

WHEREAS the absence of application of the adjacency principle in the allocation of resources have created far-reaching social economic consequence in rural coastal communities;

BE IT RESOLVED, the Liberal government of Canada establish a “Declaration of Adjacency”, which shall be defined as the fundamental right of those living in Canada to have the first right of benefit from those resources that are in adjacent proximity to their communities and regions;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the “Declaration of Adjacency” shall be the defining principle that forms the basis of managing the allocation of resources in the coastal areas and regions of Canadian provinces and territories; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, current allocations and practices are reviewed against the “Declaration of Adjacency” and appropriate adjustments made in instances where there is an absence of an application of the adjacency principle.